Custom Coins as Wedding Souvenirs

A wedding is a celebration of true love; it is a beginning of a new journey that two persons will embark as one. You and your partner, together with your friends and loved ones, would want something to remember that day by. This is where the concept of wedding souvenirs came to be. Now, like many others before you, your desire is to make your wedding favors unique and irreplaceable. Unfortunately, with everything that comes with planning the wedding to perfection, you have little to no time to actually think of the best memento your guests can take home from your special day. You know the answer to this particular conundrum? Minted custom coins.

Custom coinsAlso known as challenge coins, custom coins were originally designed as a symbol of brotherhood in the military service. In addition to that, these coins were also presented to acknowledge outstanding soldiers who have shown excellence in their service to the country. Now, these challenge coins have extended their significance outside the military, eventually branching out to organizations and corporates alike.

As the significance of custom coins gained a wider audience, it is no surprise that these unique symbols of unity have reached the bonds of marriage.

Much like everything else about your special day, having challenge coins as wedding souvenirs will also require attention and creativity. The first thing to do is for you and your partner to think of the best symbol to use as your emblem. This symbol should perfectly capture your love story that one look on it is all it will take for your guests to remember your special day. One great way to maximize the two sides of your challenge coin is to have your couple photo imprinted on one side and your emblem and other wedding details on the other. This way, your coins will surely leave a lasting impression in the hearts of your guests, reminding them of the happy day they shared with you.

Once you and your partner have decided on a final design and concept for your custom coins, the next thing to do is to finalize the specifications of the coin. This entails choosing the metal style and edge cut of your souvenir coin. In addition to the basic elements of creating a challenge coin, there are also other customization options you can opt for to make it one-of-a-kind, such as epoxy coating, 3D designs, cutouts, custom shapes, engraved text, offset print and translucent enamel. You can also make it as keychain attachments or bottle openers.

Of course, the finishing touches of your souvenir custom coins are as important as the whole production process. You can give the coins extra character by choosing a metal style that gives off a simple but elegant sheen. If your budget allows it, you can opt for polished gold metal or antique gold metal. But if you are trying not to spend too much on your wedding favors, you can go for silver or copper. Aside from the sides of the coin, you can also let your imagination go wild with the style of its edges. With the edges, you have the option to have a diamond-cut, a rope-edge cut, or an oblique-cut. A custom edge will put more emphasis on the uniqueness of your custom coin.

The last part of making these coins as part of your wedding day lies in how you will package them. Most custom coin manufacturers offer packaging options that range from standard PVC pouches, pouch inserts and capsules to more sophisticated velvet presentation boxes and bags. Whatever you choose, such coins will be a symbol of love, ultimately making them a great keepsake to remember your wedding day by.

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Tips for a high-quality PCB design

The printed circuit board is literally inside every electronic gadget today. May it be a smartphone, a television, or a tablet- one can be certain that a circuit board holds the components needed for the gadget to be usable. Printed circuit board or in its abbreviated form, PCB, serves as the foundation for the continuity of the connection between components. Interconnection between these things is a printed circuit board’s main function and is very important.

Designing a printed circuit board layout was made easier through available software tools in the web. Freeware applications have been developed for easier schematic designing. Basically, these software packages are readily available for download and use, and only the quality of the PCB design is needed to be ensured for a better output.

Printed circuit boardThe basic design process for a high-quality printed circuit board starts with a draft of the circuit. It is the first and foremost step for a better PCB, following with the construction and finalization of the design.

The following are some simple PCB design tips for a more functional and efficient layout:

1.The final concept design of the PCB should be decided before heading over to the construction process. Every feature, function, and interconnection between components must be carefully placed in the layout with proper arrangement and dimensions. From making a schematic diagram to component placement, everything should be in-sync, functional and efficient. More than the layout, the materials required for the PCB must guarantee a working operation in all expected forms of exposure to the environment.

2.Alongside the schematic diagram, the cost efficiency of the product must also be considered. A bill of materials must be generated by selecting satisfactory components through analysis and research, while considering the internal characteristics that will define the efficiency of the product. A bill of materials must be generated in order to have a better and clear view of the current schematic for the PCB.

The quantity, reference numbers, manufacturers and functionality must be detailed in the bill of materials for easier access. Basically, the bill of materials, or in its abbreviated form, BOM, is helpful in the process of laying out a PCB design because it is easier to define each part and its correct placements in the circuit. The characteristics will be easily found and will be clearly understood in the PCB design.

3.Aside from a Bill of Materials, keeping a project documentation is also a helpful and useful technique for making a high-quality PCB design. Everything in the layout starting from the schematic, drawings, user guide, and hardware components used must be detailed for a compiled list of the project.

4.For a high-quality PCB design, proper component placement is definitely a requirement. The interconnections of the components are as important as their positions in the PCB. Having components in close distance could cause power and thermal issues that could hinder in optimizing the performance of the product. Always consider the distances and placements of components to avoid unwanted functional discrepancies.

5.Heat dissipation is also one of the important things to consider in PCB design. Every component used, upon placement in the PCB, dissipates heat that can cause lower performance levels. Always take into consideration thermal issues by putting enough spaces or heatsinks in between components. Oftentimes heat is the main cause of a decrease in efficiency and functionality of a material. In order to avoid this, always consider heat dissipation.

The tips above are just some of the simple, basic strategies for arriving at a high-quality PCB design. It will take persistence and determination in order to develop a good design that will stand the test of time, but through proper research and practice, designing a PCB will definitely become an easy task in no time.

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Mist under the heat

Misting fans are highly used in industrial places such as factories and field offices. These places are usually hot even in ordinary days. A misting fan is highly essential in this type of places. It keeps the environment around the workplace better and more comfortable for the workers thus ensuring more productivity. Most buildings also use misting fans. Shopping malls have misting fans around to provide a cooler environment. An enclosed place with many people around can make an area hotter because of the carbon dioxide that humans exhale when they breathe out. Using these misting fans reduce the heat that it produce. These misting fans are environment friendly. Some are even designed to reduce dust.

fansBusiness establishments find the use of misting fans very essential. It is being used in most establishments for purposes other than lowering the temperature in a certain area. It is used in warehouses, restaurants, hotels, groceries, and retail stores. Some among these businesses use the misting fan to help in preserving the quality of their products. Grocery stores find misting fans a big help in maintaining the freshness of perishable goods that they sell. Manufacturing facilities also uses misting fans to ensure good and high quality production. It also helps in keeping the environment of the establishment cleaner and more comfortable. Hotels and restaurants use misting fans to provide a better ambiance for consumers who patronize their workplace.

mist fanOutdoor activity is also made more fun by a misting fan. Even in households using a misting fan in patios, backyards, porch, and gardens is a must during sunny days. It uplifts the quality of living by giving a more comfortable place to dwell in. Parties by the garden can be enjoyable even when the temperature is just superficial. You can also organize pool parties without the fear of suffering under the heat of the sun. You can have an amazing time with your friends and family outside and there is no need to stay indoors during summer. You can bring your misting fan around the pool for a more refreshing place to take a dip and swim around with friends and have a wonderful pool party.

Watching ball games can never be a hassle. A misting fan can reduce the heat of large areas by up to 30 degrees. The Arenas and Sports venue gets crowded by people making it extremely hot, but with the help of cooling systems such as the misting fan, watching ball games can be enjoyed without feeling hot. You can usually see these misting fans on the sidelines at the bleachers. The misting fan can also be used for agricultural purposes. It helps in controlling the temperature in greenhouses to produce better crops. It also helps in keeping plants inside the greenhouse in good condition even when the sun is scorching hot. Misting fans function by absorbing the heat in an area by the fine mist it produce. The mist that evaporates to the air absorbs heat making the temperature better.

fanMisting fans differ in many ways. There are those that can cool down only a very small area, while there are some that function to cool a place even 1000 square feet wide. If you have plans on buying one makes sure that it will suit your needs and your house. The only major negative thing that most consumers complain about is the noise that a misting fan makes. It is not very advisable to use it at night but it would depend on the one who use it. A misting fan is a must have at home and outdoors.